K. M. Joshi


Splinterlands: Be The Champion is the original soundtrack from the hit blockchain-based game Splinterlands. The soundtrack features some of my favorite songs I’ve composed to date. Furthermore, it includes sounds ranging from classical orchestra and rock to Tibetan, Nepalese, Arabian, Native American, etc., making this soundtrack one of my greatest undertakings yet!

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Truce & Conflict is a track from my soundtrack for Project Grimm, a visual story/game. It’s a classical piece depicting a struggle between good and evil.
Unfortunately, due to an economic crisis, the game went into an indefinite pause. So, I was only commissioned to work on this track and a few others that I will be uploading soon.

The Sack Man is the soundtrack for an award-winning horror short film of the same name. Directed by Antoine M. Dillard, the film revolves around a child, unable to sleep because The Sack Man won’t let him. So, I kept the music almost childish and friendly. Almost.
The film also includes my sound design, which won IndieX Film Fest’s Outstanding Achievement Award for sound mixing. Furthermore, the festival also nominated it for Best Original Score.

As the soundtrack from a film about a battle-weary soldier with PTSD, Citizen Blaine holds a special place in my heart for its emotional impact. While most of the soundtrack holds a weary, brooding tone, the main theme ‘In the memory of my brothers‘ is still one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever made.
The soundtrack won the bronze tier Best Original Score at the Independent Shorts Awards in 2021. Likewise, it was nominated for Best Original Score and Best Music at IndieX Film Fest and Top Indie Film Awards, respectively.

And a fun fact: it was the first time I used my Ibanez JEM guitar!