K. M. Joshi

Splinterlands Soundtrack

Splinterlands Soundtrack Cover

Listen to the Splinterlands soundtrack here!

Despite being a seemingly simple game, I was awe-inspired by the large diversity within the world of Splinterlands. Constantly expanded by graphic designers, artists, sound designers, and developers, this universe features everything from everyday people to evil gnomes, trolls, and war-mongering monsters.
Inspired, I took it upon myself to explore corners of music I had never ventured into before. It was only fair that, as the composer of this exciting game, I endeavor to introduce diversity using sounds and emotions as best as I could.
Now, after nearly a year of composing for fantasy lands and stories, I am proud to begin showcasing the soundtrack. I hope you enjoy listening to my work as much as I enjoyed composing them.
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1. Be The Champion

2. Fairground

3. Game On

4. Death Wish

5. Deploy

6. Invincible

7. No Mercy

8. Meet Me In The Glade

9. Contemplation

10. We Are Not Alone

11. Oasis & Mirage

12. The Silica Pass

13. Kali Tsangpo